You get a individualized learning program that allows you to focus on the language that you need and also gives you a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses in Italian so we can work on them together.



This course is for people who have never studied Italian before or who have a basic knowledge of the language.

After few classes you will be able to feel more confident when having conversations, by improving your grammar skills, increasing your vocabulary and especially practicing from the very first moment!


We will go deeper in your knowledge increasing competency with a focus on speaking, listening, intermediate grammar & reading skills. There is a strong focus on both accuracy and fluency.

These lessons include a grammar refresh, a new and wider range of vocabulary and lots of activities and practice to enable you to use your Italian in all situations.


The main focus of this course is fluency and ease of communication.

Practical exercises and task-based activities will help you improve your spoken Italian skills. Grammar revision and vocabulary work are carried out during class.

You will be able to understand structured and coherent texts and communicate fluently with native speakers. You will be encouraged to use and understand both colloquial and more linguistically challenging language. You will have the opportunity to eradicate any minor grammatical inaccuracies that you still have.