Follow 3 STEPS


1. Request lessons



2. Lessons are scheluded between teacher and student.


3. When lesson time comes, the teacher calls the student on

Skype or Hangout

and lesson begins.


We will use all of the following during our lessons:


  • Chat or Video chat if the connection is good (microphone/camera required)
  • Share documents (exchange documents and pictures)
  • Free online whiteboard


If you are interested or have any questions about these lessons, please fill the FORM.

We will do a 30 minutes free lesson on Skype and see what level you are at and what you want to improve on.

All lessons are designed on YOUR needs!


  • Any classes already paid for will be kept at the old price?


  • Are there any hidden costs or additional taxes?
    No, the price we publish is the price you pay.


  • Is my Credit Card secure?
    Yes, your information is absolutely secure. Here’s what protection we have installed to keep your information secure: The payment page where you enter your credit card information is a secure page (note the https).


  • How long are my paid classes valid?
    Classes paid for are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Detailed information – Rules and guidelines for students

  • If a lesson is interrupted for more than 10 minutes due to the fault of Easitalian Tutor, the student will be credited with an additional free lesson.


  • If a student fails to be available online for a class, the teacher will wait for 15 minutes after the set time before disconnecting. The student will be charged as normal for a class while the teacher will make every attempt to contact the student.


  • 12 hours notice is required for canceling a scheduled class. Contact admin directly and we can usually avoid charging you for a class if possible.