8 Reasons to Learn another Language and What you Need to Learn it.

One way of speeding up learning is to focus on a particular purpose and the language needed for that purpose.

Look at the reasons for learning a language and how these affect what you need to learn.

1- I am just interested in the language

Spoken language should be your major focus at the beginning. 

2- I am living in a country where this language is spoken and I want to be able to communicate with others.

Spoken language should be your major focus. You should make a list of your speaking needs and keep adding to it.

3 – My partner or another family member is a native speaker of that language

Spoken language should be your major focus.

If the family member is willing and able to help you, you should start with useful repeated routines such as greetings and talk around daily repeated activities.

4 – I want to travel in countries where that language is spoken

You do not need to learn a lot of the language. Learn the Survival vocabulary.

Aim for a high degree of spoken fluency with the items in that limited vocabulary.
Put all of the survival vocabularies on to word cards.

5 – I need to know this language to read books related to my work or subject area

You should begin working with the texts you want to read.

This is because the technical words in the subject area make up a very large proportion of the running words in such texts.

6 – I need to study for a degree using this language


Starts working with the texts you will use in your study.

Put unknown words onto word cards and do the same with repeated phrases. Study these cards every day.


7 – I want to use this language to do business with people who speak this language


Start working with conversational spoken language and then move to a business-focused conversation.

8 – It is a university or school requirement and I want to pass the exam

Get examples of the exam and prepare for the kinds of questions the exam asks.

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