Italian White Wine Ciambelline – Recipe

These are the “ciambelline al vino” a very traditional and simple little italian biscuits.

I learnt this receipe from my grandmather when I was a child.

I think it would be a shame if we lost some of the oldest, most simple recipes.

They are traditional cookies, in the shape of a little donut, from my Region (Lazio).

The recipe for these delicious wine biscuits is simple and quick, and very much an Italian way of cooking – you’ll be mixing oil and wine with flour and sugar!

They’re light, crunchy and rustic. Made to be dipped in wine, at the end of a meal. But they’re also good with tea, or at snack time.


To prepare “Ciambelline al vino” I use only 4 simple ingredients:

  • White wine

  • Seed oil

  • Sugar

  • Flour


1 cup os seed oil
1 cup of sugar
1 cup or white wine.
Same quantity for all the 3 ingredients.


Add white wine in a medium mixing bowl

Add Seed Oil

Add sugar


Blend these 3 ingredients




Blend all togheter




Knead lightly approximately 10 times with your hands
















Roll the top of the biscuit on the wine and the sugar..









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