3 Main Wrong Ways to Learn a Language

Mistake 1

Learning in a class with many students.


It is not a very focused method of learning. The problem with big classes is that you are mixed in with a group of other people, so you are not speaking all the time.clipart_of_22434_smjpg_2

Sometimes the teacher is not a native speaker and is paid to pay attention to the speed of the slower students in the class. So faster students learn much more slowly than they should do.
If you are worried that have a privatley teacher is too expensive, you may take advantage of one on one online teachers/tutors.



Mistake 2

Learning grammar first

It is very important to focus first on communicating and forming full sentences. Then you may quickly learn something about grammar, just so you understand how to make those sentences accurately.

Don’t make grammar the main focus of your learning language.

Just use an input text (it could be anything you want: written text, audio, video, songs, film….) to understand more of the language and analize the stucture of any phrase.

Make communication the focus of your learning: not grammar!

You need to be happy and relaxed and enjoying the language learning.


Mistake 3

Speaking with non-native speakers.


Many students feel like they have to prepare for a long time before they are ready to speak with native speakers.


The truth is that the only way to learn a language is by speaking with a native speaker.

If you want to learn to drive, you wouldn’t spend all your time learning the theory on a book or with someone that explains you only the rules of the theory. You would spend a little bit of time doing that and then most of the time actually driving.

So, learning a language is the same, you need to practice a lot.

Don’t waste our time speaking with non-native speakers, You are only learning their mistakes (particularly pronunciation mistakes) and not the real language that native speakers use in every day life.

Just find the right native speaker tutor/teacher who can help you improve by using the right methods.

Don’t feel embarrassed or judged while you speak the new language, in fact you are learning it!

A good native speaker teacher/tutor can help you to progress in a very easy, relaxing and fun way.

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