How to cook dried PASTA like an Italian – 4 TIPS for you

The way pasta is cooked affects its healthiness.

For the healthiness and tasted way, you want to cook pasta “AL DENTE” –> to the byte.

To make your pasta healthy and delicious follows these steps.

To cook a plate of pasta you will need:

a pot

a colander



a wooden spoon



1. Size


There are hundreds of formats and sizes of pasta as many as recipes to prepare it.

Choose the right format according to the sauce you want to use.

The long one is good for a creamy sauce.



The short one is perfect for sauces like ragu.



2. The Pot and The Lid



Choose the right pot: if you want to cook “pasta lunga” be careful not to use a too low pot. (breaking spaghetti is not an option).

Use a lid to cover your pot while waiting for the water to boil.

3. Water and Salt



Fill the pot with cold water.

Use enough water and salt: for 100 grams of pasta use 1 litre of water and 7 grams of salt.

Add salt to the water when it just begins to boil, never before or during cooking.

Put the pasta in your pot only when water is boiling with bubbles.

Don’t rinse cooked pasta under tap water.

Once cooked, drain the pasta into the colander to eliminate the water.

4. Cook Time


Cooking time can vary according to pasta shape.

Check the pasta packaging and follow the time shown, never more.


Stir the pot 2 or 3 times during cooking.


For the best result, save some pasta water (just one or two spoons), before draining it, to use with sauce to bind pasta and sauce together.

Put the drained pasta into the pot with sauce and stir.


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