How to Express FOR in Italian

How to use the English preposition FOR in Italian.
Some Italian expressions are different from the usual equivalent of English expression.

Expressing Benefit

Ho comprato dei vestiti per l’estate

I bought some clothes for the summer.

ho comprato dei vestiti per l'estate
I bought some clothes for the summer

Marta ha organizzato una festa per il compleanno di suo marito

Marta organized a party for her husband’s birthday

Expressing Purpose

Cosa c’è per pranzo?

What’s for lunch?

cosa c'è per pranzo?
What's for lunch?

I miei genitori vengono a cena da noi.

My parents are coming to our house for dinner.

Expressing Cause

I bambini gridano di gioia

The children shout for joy

i bambini gridano di gioia
the children shout for joy

A che cosa serve?

What is it for?

Expressing Time

Vivo in Italia da 10 anni

I have been living in Italy for 10 years

vivo in italia da 10 anni
i have been living in italy for 10 years

Ho vissuto in Italia per 10 anni quando ero giovane.

I lived in Italy for 10 years when I was young

Expressing Place

Parto per la Francia.

I’m leaving for France

parto per la francia
i'm leaving for france

Il treno sul primo binario parte per Bologna.

The train on the first track leaves for Bologna.

Other Expression

Per esempio

For example

In vendita

For sale

in vendita
for sale


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