How to use COME: 4 different meanings

Come ha quattro significati.

Come has four different meanings


AUDIO -> Come

“Uguale”, “allo stesso modo” -> like – same as – in the same way 


Vorrei diventare un astronauta come Samantha Cristoforetti

I would like to become an astronaut like Samantha Cristoforetti

“Avere una funzione”, “fare un mestiere”( having a role, a job) -> as


Lavoro in questa ditta come impiegato

I work in this office as employee

“Indicare il modo”, “indicare il nome” (method, means, name)  -> How


Ciao Carla, come stai? Come va? Come sei arrivata a Milano?

Hi Carla, how are you doing? How are you? How did you come to Milan?

“Perché” quando è seguito da mai (Why when followed by “never”) -> Why


Come mai è andata a Firenze?

Why he went to Florence?




Useful  Expressions with COME


Come al solito -> as usual – AUDIO

Come la mettiamo? -> What are we going to do with it – AUDIO

Come non detto -> never mind – AUDIO


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