How to use Common Italian Interjections and Exclamations

Sometimes we need to express our feelings with some extra amount of energy. 

From here the concept of interjection comes into action.

Interjectionsalso known as an exclamationare usually words that come in a phrase expressing and showing happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust, excitement, or enthusiasm

Interjections are a feature of the spoken language, where the influence of Italian dialects is strongest.

Regional interjections (even insults) are common in Italian: the use and choice of interjections reflect personal sensibility, but interjections can be also “fashionable” one day and disappear the next.

The following is a list of some of the more common and “established” Italian interjections.

Expressing/Showing Admiration or Beauty

Interjection Meaning
madonna! wow!
ostia! (North Italy) wow!
ammazza! (Rome) wow!

fico (Center/south)

unambiguously vulgar in the feminine


figo (North)

unambiguously vulgar in the feminine




Expressing/Showing Agreement 

Interjection Meaning
come no! You got it!
vabbè ok!
ecco! right!
certo!   sure!
senz’altro for sure!


Expressing Annoyance 

Interjection Meaning
per la miseria/porca miseria damn!
accidenti! blast!
uffa! what a bore!
che diavolo! what the heck!
(to a person) vai al diavolo go to hell!
(to a person)  vai a quel paese go to hell!
(disgust) che schifo!/che schifezza! that’s disgusting!



Expressing Disbelief

Interjection Meaning
ma dai! Come on!
davvero? really?
non mi dire! don’t tell me!


 Expressing Joy

Interjection Meaning
che bello! how nice!
evviva! hurray/cheers!
fantastico! wonderful!



Expressing Disagreement

Interjection Meaning
manco per idea/ per sogno never!
per niente/per carità not at all!
basta! enough!
(regret) che peccato! go to hell!
(to a person)  vai a quel paese! go to hell!



 Expressing Surprise 

Interjection Meaning
caspita! darn!
cavolo! oh boy/oh man!
oddio! oh God!
mamma mia! my goodness!



Expressing doubt or ignorance

Interjection Meaning
boh! who knows?!
mah! who knows?!




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