Italian Language Graded Books

Italian Language Graded books have been created designed for students going from beginning to advanced level, with the intent of giving a sense of accomplishment and, most importantly, fun!

Reading these books is a very effective practice for boosting your language abilities since it helps you to know and acquire new structures, vocabulary, and grammatical rules of the language you are learning while also developing your memory skills.

Italian Language Graded Books commonly asked questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions concerning graded books answered.

📔 What exactly is a Graded book?

Is a book with a story, sometimes a novel, that has been tailored to a specific level of Italian, ranging from basic to intermediate through advanced. Typically, these books also provide a variety of activities.

In addition to the benefit of obtaining a book that you will enjoy, these books are not overly challenging. 

Reading in this approach will help you because repeating words and phrases in different contexts will allow you to memorize the vocabulary while understanding the story.

Additionally, the more words and phrases you use in sentences or read in sentences, the better you will understand grammar.

Typically, graded books include an audio version, and listening always aids in the retention of vocabulary and the improvement of pronunciation.

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Graded books ideal for any Italian level:

Below are some Italian Language titles you should read that is ideal for any level:

🔗 Black Cat Italian Graded Readers

🔗 Adult Italian Learners’ Readings from Alma Edizioni

🔗 Primiracconti (Adults and adolescents) From Edizioni Edilingua

🔗 Free Graded Books from Loescher

🔗 Italian easy readers

🔗 Learn Italian with stories – FREE Download

Why you should choose a graded book?

Why you should choose a graded book? Italian Language Graded Books

Books for native speakers, even those for children, contain grammar and vocabulary that are not useful in everyday language, especially the spoken language, so they are not especially useful for beginners and intermediate students.


📌 Don’t read fairy tales to children since they are full of verbs conjugated in the “distant past” and phrases associated with fantasy, making them unfit for beginners and intermediates.

📌 Don’t read books and novels of Italian classics (particularly those published by late-nineteenth- or early-twentieth-century authors): they may well be written in old Italian, making them difficult to understand and of little benefit to a foreign reader.

In fact, you could learn words and phrases from Italian that haven’t been spoken in a long time and are no longer used.

What graded level Italian books should I choose? Italian Language Graded Books

🔍 What graded level Italian books should I choose?

Choose the appropriate Italian book for your level of skill.

It is essential that you select an Italian book that corresponds to your level of fluency.

For example, if you are a beginner Italian learner, you should choose an Italian book for beginners.

It might be quite appealing to go ahead and read texts that are outside of your level, but this will only cause frustration.

The best thing to do is read a book that is suitable for your level so that it is tough but not absolutely hard to the point of quitting.


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