How Learning to Speak Italian ONLINE – 10 TIPS FOR YOU

Many language learners are always planning to one day speak.

But they never begin – they pay lots of money and go to lots of classes.

Unfortunately, this can be a huge waste of time and money.

The truth is you can begin speaking Italian today.

So just begin!


It’s only important that you take regular lessons with a native speaker teacher who understands your level, and also who realizes how you are learning – using sentences and patient, careful repetition, not too much focus on grammar.

This is what a good online teacher should do during the online lessons:


  1. Write down new words you learn
  2. Come back to those new words and phrases every now and again.
  3. Using repetition to help you remember them
  4. Keep the lesson light, relaxing and fun
  5. Have little conversations with you about things that you want to talk about
  6. Talk less and listen more
  7. Be very patient and relaxed.
  8. Just let you ask any questions or try to let you think about some question you may have.
  9. Don’t give you always all the answers but wait patiently for you to remember them.
  10. Maybe give you clues to help you.

In your lessons 80% of your time should be you, the student, carefully forming sentences and learning to really enjoy it.

This will empower you and make you progress very quickly in your speaking skills.

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