Listen & Learn Italian Come ti chiami?

Listening is a natural way to learn a language. We offer a very easy way to learn Italian: Just Listen. With “Listen to Italian” you can quickly improve your listening comprehension. Listen as much as you can and then do the activities you’ll find at the end of the page. Enjoy today’s activity with
Listen & Learn Italian Come ti chiami?


spagnola Spanish abito I live famiglia : family lavoro: I work segretaria: secretary ufficio: office estate: summer vacanza: holiday/vacation conosco: I know albergo: hotel visito: I visit musei: museums monumenti: monuments chiese: churches negozi: shops
parlo: I speak inglese: English tedesco: German




Mi chiamo Maria, ho 25 anni e sono spagnola.

Abito in Spagna, a Madrid con la mia famiglia e lavoro.

Sono segretaria in un ufficio.

In estate spesso vado in vacanza in Italia.

Conosco molte città italiane: Milano, Firenze, Roma e Napoli.

Quando sono in vacanza in Italia, abito in albergo.

Nelle città italiane spesso visito i musei, i monumenti, le chiese ma anche i negozi.

Non parlo bene l’italiano, ma parlo l’inglese e il tedesco.



My name is Maria, I am 25 years old and I am Spanish.

I live in Spain, in Madrid with my family and I work.

I am a secretary in an office.

In the summer I often go on vacation to Italy.

I know many Italian cities: Milan, Florence, Rome and Naples.

When I’m on vacation in Italy, I live in a hotel.

In Italian cities, I often visit museums, monuments, churches but also shops.

I don’t speak Italian well, but I speak English and German.

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Listen & Learn Italian Come ti chiami?

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Listen & Learn Italian Come ti chiami?

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