How Necessary is a Teacher in Language Learning?



The teacher’s most important job is to plan so that there is a balance of opportunities for learning across the four strands, and so that the most useful material is met at each stage of learning.




Learners can do this planning themselves, but they need to know about the language they are learning.

A well-informed teacher can be a big help here.

The teacher’s next most important job is to organize.





According to the principle of the four strands, three-quarters of the learning time should be spent using the language for communicative purposes at the level which most suits you.




A teacher can play an important part in choosing and organizing the activities which provide this communicative activity.

When learning one-to-one with a private teacher, the teacher can be a very supportive communication partner.




A teacher is particularly useful when doing language-focused learning.

The teacher can provide correct models of pronunciation and grammatical use to copy.




The teacher can also provide feedback on errors, explain words and grammar difficulties, and model appropriate language use.




The teacher can also provide useful cultural pieces of information.



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