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  1. Sean Kim

    Hi there!

    Hope you’re well. My name is Sean, the CEO of Rype.

    I’ve been enjoying some of your posts online — they’re quite insightful and many of them seems to have hit a chord with the audience.

    I’m reaching out because for the first time ever, we’re about to open up early access to top contributors online who are seeking to build their personal brand and reach our audience at Rype Magazine.

    We have an avid audience of over 100,000+ visitors per month, an email list of 30,000+ readers, and growing very quickly. Since we’re restricting access to a limited group of contributors, you’ll be able to stand out before we allow others to come in. Currently, our posts average around 400-500 shares per post, and some have gone to do over 20,000+ shares.

    We are committed to maintaining the quality of the posts on the magazine for our audience, and I think you’d make an excellent addition to our team of contributors.

    Let me know if you’re interested,

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