Italian Simple prepositions Di – A – Da

In this post, you’ll find some very common simple propositions: Italian Simple prepositions Di – A – Da

There is not a simple set of rules governing prepositions in Italian, so the best way of mastering them is to learn them and practise them as you go along, reading and listening.

Simple prepositions are prepositions that aren’t followed by articles.

Preposition DI


Di is typically used to express:

possessionQuesta è la giacca di MariaThis is Mattia’s jacket
timeDi sera faccio spesso una passeggiataIn the evening I often for a week
causeMuoio di fameI’m starving
ageE’ un bambino di tre anniHe’s a three-year-old child
a topic/themeAmo i libri di avventureI love adventure books
a materialUn foglio di cartaA sheet of paper

Preposition A

(at, to)

A is typically used to express:

location (in/at/to)Andiamo a RomaWe’re going to Rome
ageA 18 anni vado all’estero a lavorareAt 18 I’ll go to work abroad
timeMangiamo a mezzogiornoWe eat at noon
an indirect object (to)Regalo i fiori a LauraI give flowers to Laura
to be in a placeRimango a casaI stay at home

Preposition DA

(from, at)

Da is typically used to express:

location (to/at/from)Vado da mia sorella ogni settimanaI go to my sister’s every week
origin placeJames viene da LondraJames comes from London
time (since/for)Viviamo in Italia da tre anniWe’ve been living in Italy for 3 years
 Lavoro qui da AprileI’ve been working here since April
mannerMario si comporta da stupidoMario behaves in a stupid way
price (of/for)Vorrei un gelato da 2 euroI’d like ice cream for 2 euros
the passive (by)il cioccolato è amato da tuttiChocolate is loved by everybody


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