How to use Italian pronominal verb VOLERCI

Verbo pronominale VOLERCI

What does it mean?

Volerci (verb volere + ci) is an idiomatic expression meaning  

♦ to be necessary  

♦ to take.

It is used to express to need for something or  the time it takes to do something

 The particle “CI” doesn’t mean anything. It only gives the verb an idiomatic meaning.


→ Per arrivare in centro ci vogliono 20 minuti! (To get to the center it takes 20 minutes!)
→ Per arrivare in centro sono necessari 20 minuti!

How To Use “VOLERCI”

Volerci is used in
the third person singular
the third person plural,
depending on whether the noun following is singular or plural.

Ci vuole un’ora (ora is singular )  per andare a Fiumicino It takes one hour to get to Fiumicino
Ci vuole molto coraggio (coraggio is singular) per … It takes a lot of courage to …
Ci vogliono tre ore (ore is plural) per andare a Firenze “It takes three hours to get to Firenze
Quante uova ci vogliono (uova is plural) per fare la torta al cioccolato? How many eggs do you need to make a chocolate cake?

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