Frequently Asked Questions

Policy for Tuition at

What is a free trial lesson?

Trial classes are free 30-minute sessions offered to new Easitalian users. The trial lesson can assist new Easitalian users in getting started with language study!
The purpose of the trial lesson is to allow students to discuss their learning objectives and study plans with the teacher.

How to change or cancel class time?

Make sure that your class time is within 24 hours or 24 hours later before trying to change it.

If your lesson will start in 24 hours:

You can go to the Calendar page, cancel the old date or time, and, if needed, book the lesson on a different date or time.

Both student and teacher have the one opportunity to cancel a class”.

After submitting a class cancellation request, the class will be automatically cancelled and the money will be returned to the student.

If a request is submitted to change the date or time, the class will be rescheduled by the student or the teacher. 

If your lesson will start 24 hours later:

If the lesson is to begin 24 hours later, then Cannot change the class time or cancel the class.

However, after the class time has passed, both teacher and student can apply to reschedule the class or refund it.

There is a problem with my class, what should I do?

My teacher didn’t come to class

In rare cases: If due to some technical issue or emergency, the teacher does not teach the class without notifying the students in advance, or if there are other issues with your class after the class is over you can request a refund, and tell us what happened.

How do I report a class problem?

We recommend that you discuss the class issue with your teacher before submitting a problem report.

Please fill out this form to report a problem with the lesson.

Click Submit and wait for the reply.