Italian Tutor Online


Have you taken Italian lessons, but still can’t speak or understand spoken Italian? Do you want to be more fluent in Italian or just ]planning to start learning it? Easitalian lessons are just for you!

Learning is much easier if someone is there to help and to guide you to learn or to improve and perfect your Italian skills.

Talking with an Italian tutor, who is, of course, a native speaker will help you to improve your pronunciation.


Your Personal TUTOR

Taking Italian private lessons on Skype/Hangout is an excellent way to improve your Italian due to the full attention you are getting from your online Tutor.

Learning this is way will be a new experience.
– 100%, one-on-one lessons designed for you, based on your needs!


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8 Great Reasons to Choose this Method

  1. Arrange your Italian lessons based on your own schedule.  Learn when it is best for you!

  2. The prices are much lower than private lessons at a school or through a company because you are only paying the teacher, not the school/business as well.

  3. You will learn at your own pace.  The teacher will make sure that you fully understand the lesson before moving on to the next.

  4. No matter where in the world you are located, you will be learning from an Italian with a native accent.

  5. The tutor will tailor the class according to your needs. If the student works in a restaurant, the lessons can be based on that industry.  If he wants to improve grammar, the lessons can focus on that.

  6. For students that are a bit reserved, it is great to have an understanding teacher and not have to talk in front of an entire classroom.

  7. You will not waste time commuting to and from class.  You can do your lessons in your pyjamas if you want!

  8. Skype/Hangout allows you to share documents, to verbally chat and visually see each other via webcam.  And of course, you have the world wide web at your fingertips with plenty of visual and learning aids.