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  • How to talk about your family in Italian
    This article will teach you many words to help you talk about your family in Italian. Do you know how to use words to talk about the family in Italian? Test what you know with interactive exercises and read the article to learn more. Try this exercise to test you. La famiglia di Alessio 🎧 AUDIO … Continued
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    A language is made up of two components. -The first is words, vocabulary, the language’s flesh and clothing. The other is grammar — the bones of the language that hold everything together. Why is grammar so important that you can’t succeed without it? You can study a lot of Italian words and sentences, but you … Continued

Italian Problem Solver

This category is for students who want to prevent persistent and frequent mistakes. You will learn how to become more aware of when and why these errors happen. so you will begin to identify gaps and mistakes, and you will gradually improve your language proficiency and accuracy.

About the Italian Language

Italian is the official language of Italy and one of Switzerland’s four official languages. Italy is a small country, with a population of around 60 million people
This country has had a significant impact on civilization for more than two thousand years, and the land of Italy has been a source of pleasure and interest to travellers for centuries.
Italy continues to provide tourists with a wide range of attractions, including scenery, artistic and historical treasures, music, fine cuisine and wine, snow, sun, and sea.
For a long time, visitors have been fascinated by the expressive sound and tune of the language, which has fit the iconic verse of Dante and the great Opera of Verdi.
Italian has its origins in Latin, the ancient Roman language. It is particularly comprehensible for anyone who has learned Latin or maybe one of the Romance languages, such as Spanish, French, or Portuguese, so not only will many more vocabulary be easy to guess, but the structure will be as well.
As our society is becoming more and more global, knowing how to say a few words in different languages opens up opportunities for interaction. In different situations, taking on a short conversation can enhance your experience in Italy.
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