Italian Verbs Cucinare VS Cuocere

Italian has two different verbs for the English verb “to cook“.



preparare e cuocere il cibo

It refers to the (1) steps to the preparation of a dish, cooking it, (2) know how to do it or (3) the way you do it in general.

  1. -> steps – Oggi cucino le lasagne
  2. -> know – So cucinare le lasagne
  3. -> the way – Mia madre è bravissima a cucinare tutti i tipi di lasagne


Refers to what happens to the food so it is ready to eat using fire and heat it.

It means to turn something from the row into cooked/backed.


✎ La polenta cuoce in 30 minuti

Cuocere le patate al forno

Cuocere in forno per 20 minuti

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