Learning Italian through Stories: Le Piccole Isole Italiane

Discover the beauty of learning Italian with captivating stories from “Le Piccole Isole Italiane!” Suitable for an A2 (Elementary) to B1 (Intermediate) level of Italian language proficiency. The small Italian islands are true hidden treasures, each holding unique and fascinating … Continued

How to use Italian Indefinite Articles

Conquering those tricky “Uno” and “Una”: A Beginner’s Guide to Italian Indefinite Articles These little words provide a first introduction to anything. Let’s say you are pointing at any cat you see on the street. You would say, “Look at … Continued

How to use Italian Definite Articles

Today, we’ll look at Italian definite articles, the small words before nouns like “the” in English. Unlike English, with just a single “the” Italian has several extras of these small words, which might be confusing at first. But do not … Continued

The difference between “potere” and “riuscire” in Italian

This comprehensive guide will help you understand the hidden meanings of these 2 Italian verbs. If you’ve ever been confused by the use of “Potere” and “Riuscire” in Italian, you are not alone. POTERE and RIUSCIRE are two Italian verbs … Continued