8 TOP Common Errors In Italian Usage

You’re upset because you made an Italian mistake! That’s fine. Everyone experiences disappointment when learning a new language, and everyone makes mistakes. Often, disappointment occurs as a result of a spoken or written error when learning a new language. Nevertheless, … Continued

HOW TO USE Molto Tanto Troppo Poco Tutto Ogni Qualche

Do you make mistakes with the agreement of words like molto and troppo? Do you have problems choosing between tutto and tanto? Are you sometimes unsure about the correct forms of seemingly easy words like tutto, qualche and ogni? On this … Continued

Top 10 Italian Phrases That Make You Sound Like a Local

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No matter how much you study a language, there will always be things you can’t learn in a coursebook or a classroom. That’s because Italian has its unique idioms and colloquialisms that, when translated literally, frequently don’t make any sense … Continued