How to use Italian Prepositions with Verbs and Adjectives

  In this post, you’ll learn about an important topic in Italian grammar: How to use Prepositions with Verbs and Adjectives. Italian prepositions are used to show the connection between two or more words in a sentence along with verbs … Continued

How do Italian adjectives work?

Italian adjectives are explained in this post along with examples of how to use them in sentences and how to make sure they agree with the words they modify. Adjectives are words that describe a name more fully by adding … Continued

How to use Indefinite Adjectives and Indefinite Pronouns in Italian

You need Indefinite adjectives and pronouns to indicate an element of uncertainty to describe the quantity or quality of a noun.

Some are just adjectives or pronouns others are both.


Verbs together with one or more pronominal particles are called “pronominal verbs“. In this post, you can improve your Italian grammar understanding VERBI PRONOMINALI. What are Italian pronominal verbs? Understanding VERBI PRONOMINALI 🇮🇹 Queste particelle non hanno alcun significato ma … Continued