HOW you can USE Italian verb PIACERE

It is not easy to learn HOW you can USE Italian verb PIACERE in the Italian Language but it just needs a little practice.

Verb Piacere corresponds to the verb  “to like” in English, but it is used in a different way.

In Italian, the verb agrees with the object, which is the thing or the person that I liked

The subject of the verb/sentence is the thing or person one likes; the person who likes something is denoted by an indirect object pronoun.

The people below are talking about what they like. Can you figure out when to use piace and when to use piacciono?

mi piacciono le scarpe HOW you can USE Italian verb PIACERE

Mi piace lo sport.I like the sport.
[lit. sport is pleasing to me]
Ti piace ballare?Do you like dancing?
[lit. is dancing pleasing to you?]
Mi piacciono i gatti.I like cats.
[lit. cats are pleasing to me]
Ci piace il cioccolatoWe like chocolate

piace piacciono HOW you can USE Italian verb PIACERE

Piacere is an irregular verb mostly used in the third person singular (piace) and plural (piacciono).


ti piace la musica classica? si mi piace molto HOW you can USE Italian verb PIACERE
ti piace leggere? si mi piace leggere HOW you can USE Italian verb PIACERE

As can be seen in the examples, piace is used if the thing that one likes is a singular noun or pronoun, or the infinitive of a verb;piacciono” is used if the things that one likes are a plural noun or pronoun.

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EXAMPLE: I like the cake

I like the cakeMi piace la torta


like Verb

the cake   Direct Object

the cake (la torta) Subject

like (piace)   Verb

to me (a me/mi Indirect Object





Verb “PIACERE ” with Singular noun or pronoun

mi (to me)piacela mia città.I like my hometown.
ti (to you)piacequesto/questa.You like this (one).
gli/le (to him/her)piaceil calcio.He/she likes football.
ci (to us)piacela musica rock.We like rock music.
vi (to you)piaceil tennis.You like tennis.
gli (to them)piacequello/quella.They like that one.


mi (to me)piaceleggereI like to read/reading.
ti (to you)piaceandare in bici.You like to cycle/cycling.
gli/le (to him/her)piacesciare.He/she likes to ski/skiing.
ci (to us)piaceguardare la tv.We like to watch/watching TV.
vi (to you)piacedormireYou like to sleep/sleeping.
gli (to them)piaceballare.They like to dance/dancing.

Verb “PIACERE” with Plural noun or pronoun

mi (to me)piaccionoquesti/queste.I like these.
ti (to you)piaccionole ciliegie.You like cherries.
gli/le (to him/her)piaccionoi romanzi.He/she likes novels.
ci (to us)piaccionoquelli/quelle.We like those.
vi (to you)piaccionogli scherzi.You like practical jokes.
gli (to them)piaccionole auto veloci.They like fast cars.

The negative form (formed by putting non before the pronoun)

Non mi piace la pizzaI don’t like pizza.
Non ti piace questo/questa?Don’t you like this (one)?
Non le piace sciare.She doesn’t like skiing.
Non ci piacciono i videogiochi.We don’t like video games.

… a little deeper into the verb “piacere

When the person who likes something is denoted not by a pronoun but by a noun, the noun must be preceded by the preposition a

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It is very important to practice mi piace.

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  1. Frank

    That’s extremely helpful. I didn’t have a problem learning “Mi piace” empirically but I just didn’t get why until I saw your suggestion to view it as “is pleasing to me”. Now it makes sense.

  2. Anonymous

    So when you add a verb after piace/piacciono for example when saying i like watching birds or watching sports which one would you use, I think it’s piacciono because both subjects are plural, so my question is adding a verb in front of a piace doesn’t change the rule addressed in the article? I found this article really helpful and accessible.

    • Italian Tutor for Easitalian

      When you have a verb after verb piacere you use piace – mi piace guardare gli uccelli, mi piace guardare lo sport. If after verb piacere you have a noun (like bird or sport) you need piace with uccello (bird – singular) and piacciono with uccelli (birds – plural). Glad you liked my article. Feel free to ask if you have any doubt.

  3. Nicole Varanavage

    I know i spelled a few words incorrectly in the first quiz, and used the wrong form of piacere in one question when i reviewed it, but the quiz marked all of my right answers as wrong, so instead of 7 out of 8, i was given a score of 1 out of 8. In the explanations it would tell me that the correct form of the verb to use was the same one in my answer, so i was really confused……the one it marked correct was Do you like fruit… is the quiz marking things wrong based on the verb or the whole response?

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