How to make Coffee with Italian classic Moka

To make real Italian coffee you will need a classic Moka. It is the most widely used system for making coffee at home in Italy. Traditionally, almost every Italian household has at least one; we’re talking about the Moka pot, the most popular and widely used filter coffee machine in Italy. The end result is a full-bodied coffee with a rich aroma. Learn more here about How to make Coffee with Italian classic Moka.

In the Moka pot, water boils in a bottom chamber and is forced up to produce an intense hit of caffeine. The pot was once so popular that, according to a 2016 New York Times article, 90% of Italian households had one. 

Alfonso Bialetti invented the Moka and has literally transformed the domestic coffee preparation process.

The word Moka recalls the name of the Yemeni port which for several centuries represented the main supply route for the coffee harvested in its lands of origin.

The Moka is essentially made up of three parts:

1. the boiler, containing the water ready to boil;
2. the mechanical filter filled with ground coffee;
3. the upper part collecting the drink.

la moka How to make Coffee with Italian classic Mok

First, you would unscrew the Moka …..

unscrew the moka How to make Coffee with Italian classic Mok
funnel filter How to make Coffee with Italian classic Mok

… and remove the funnel filter.

Fill the bottom part of the Moka with water up to the safety valve.

fill with water How to make Coffee with Italian classic Mok

Insert the funnel filter and fill it with your favourite ground Italian Coffee.

What are the best coffee brands most loved by Italians in recent years? Here is the list of the first ten:

  1. Caffè Borbone
  2. Caffè Lavazza
  3. Caffè Illy
  4. Caffè Motta
  5. Caffè Toraldo
  6. Caffè Vergnano
  7. Caffè Pellini
  8. Caffè Agostani
  9. Caffè Splendid
  10. Caffè Passalacqua (Napoli)

fill with your ground Italian coffee How to make Coffee with Italian classic Mok

⚠️ IMPORTANT –> the coffee should not be excessively pressed!

Then place the top part of the Moka and screw it together.

Pay attention not to screw too tight and not strong heat underneath your Moka.

Place the Moka on your stove ….

Place the moka on your stove How to make Coffee with Italian classic Mok

… and in a few minutes, you’ll start to smell the delicious aroma of coffee.

smell the delicious aroma

Now you can have a good Italian homemade coffee.

You can buy a Moka that makes coffee for one person up to 18 people, from a very small Moka to a huge one!

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