The Cannolo Siciliano: A Sicilian Delight

Cannolo Siciliano is a beloved Italian dessert.

The Cannolo Siciliano: A Sicilian Delight

Originating from the island of Sicily, the Cannolo Siciliano is a cherished Italian pastry with a rich history dating back to the 9th century.

It is said that this dessert originated in ancient times to commemorate Carnival and was therefore prepared during this period.

The Cannolo Siciliano: A Sicilian Delight

The name is derived from the river reeds on which the wafer was rolled during its production in the past century: in fact prior to modern hygiene regulations, the dough was rolled on small cylinders produced by chopping common river reeds, which gave the dessert its name, but they are now made of steel.

The Cannolo Siciliano

This delicious pastry has a crunchy, fried shell that is filled with a sweet ricotta-based cream. The waffle is prepared with flour, egg, sugar, a little cocoa powder and Marsala wine and fried in lard.

The queen of the cannoli is sheep’s ricota which has great importance because it fills the cylinder-shaped wafer.

By mixing the ricotta with the sugar, you obtain a soft cream to which you add diced candied fruit and chocolate flakes, a piece of orange peel or a piece of candied cherry is placed at the ends and finally, a sprinkling of sugar completes the work.

The Cannolo Siciliano: A Sicilian Delight
Di Stefano Mortellaro da Catania, Italy – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

Dedication to craftsmanship and the use of high-quality local ingredients identify the Sicilian Cannolo as a symbol of Sicilian culinary brilliance, transcending regional and national borders and becoming one of the world’s favourite desserts.

The Cannolo Siciliano

The Cannolo Siciliano is more than a dessert; it’s a celebration of, and a tribute to the enduring love for produced-by-hand sweets, whether consumed on the busy sidewalks of Palermo or tasted in a small Italian cafe. So, the next time you enjoy the attractive sweetness of a Cannolo, remember that you’re going through a piece of Sicilian culture created with passion and tradition.



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