Italian White Wine Ciambelline

Do you want to know a very Italian traditional homemade little sweet nice treat? Here a very easy recipe for Italian White Wine Ciambelline.

Biscuits are made without butter or eggs from a simple mixture of flour, sugar, white wine, and oil rolled up loaves in the shape of a small doughnut.

What is ciambelline al vino?

These are the “ciambelline al vino” a very traditional and simple little Italian biscuits.

I learnt this recipe from my grandmother when I was a child.

I think it would be a shame if we lost some of the oldest, most simple recipes.

They are traditional cookies, in the shape of a little doughnut, from my Region (Lazio).

The recipe for these delicious wine biscuits is simple and quick and very much an Italian way of cooking, made without butter or eggs, Cookies without butter and without eggs, made with an easy mixture of a few ingredients: flour, sugar, white wine and oil from which rolled up loaves are obtained in the shape of a small doughnut.

They are first dusted with sugar prior to getting baked in the oven, where they take on the typical appearance of Ciambelline al vino, with a fragrant and crumbly consistency and a golden brown surface! They’re light, crunchy and rustic. Made to be dipped in wine, at the end of a meal. But they’re also good with tea, or at snack time.

To prepare “Ciambelline al vino” I use only 4 simple ingredients:

🔸 White wine

🔸 Seed oil

🔸 Sugar

🔸 Flour

1 cup of seed oil

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of white wine.

Same quantity for all the 3 ingredients.

seed oli, sugar , white wine for ciambelline al vino Italian White Wine Ciambelline

Add white wine to a medium mixing bowl

Add Seed Oil

Add sugar

Blend all the 3 ingredients

add 3 bowl of flour Italian White Wine Ciambelline

Blend all together

Knead lightly approximately 10 times with your hands


the result Italian White Wine Ciambelline

use some more sugar and wine Italian White Wine Ciambelline

take a little piece of dough Italian White Wine Ciambelline

create a sausage like shape Italian White Wine Ciambelline

turn the sausage around your finger to create a round shape Italian White Wine Ciambelline

Roll the top of the biscuit on the wine and the sugar.

put the ciambelline on a baking tin with greaseproof paper Italian White Wine Ciambelline

put it in a oven for 30 minutes

cooked ciambelline Italian White Wine Ciambelline

ready to serve Italian White Wine Ciambelline

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