How to use the Italian pronominal verb METTERCI

Metterci is an Italian verb that non-native speakers may find difficult to understand. However, it is frequently used in everyday Italian, and then you might want to learn how to use it. Metterci is a pronominal verb in Italian that … Continued

How to use Italian verbs partire lasciare uscire and andarsene

The following phrases have different meaning using lasciare, partire, uscire e andare via or andarsene. Learn more about How to use Italian verbs partire lasciare uscire and andarsene. Look at these examples to see how these verbs are used. Partire means to leave a specific place … Continued


Verbs together with one or more pronominal particles are called “pronominal verbs“. In this post, you can improve your Italian grammar understanding VERBI PRONOMINALI. What are Italian pronominal verbs? Understanding VERBI PRONOMINALI 🇮🇹 Queste particelle non hanno alcun significato ma … Continued