What is a Preposition in the Italian Language?

Prepositions are words that establish relationships between other words in a sentence, connecting nouns, pronouns, or phrases to convey important information about location, direction, time, manner, and more. In short, prepositions provide context and clarify relationships between elements in a … Continued

How to Use Past Tense Verbs with Fa Scorso and Passato

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Asking questions in Italian using question words

The most common way of asking questions in Italian using ‘question words’. Find out and learn in this post Asking questions in Italian using question words. Question words are placed at the beginning of the sentence they introduce. 1. Chi? (Who/Whom) Chi means … Continued


Verbs together with one or more pronominal particles are called “pronominal verbs“. In this post, you can improve your Italian grammar understanding VERBI PRONOMINALI. What are Italian pronominal verbs? Understanding VERBI PRONOMINALI 🇮🇹 Queste particelle non hanno alcun significato ma … Continued

How to use Italian Adjectives BELLO & BUONO

Adjectives in Italian are frequently used after nouns. Bello and buono are also used before nouns. In this post, you’ll learn how to use the Italian Adjectives BELLO & BUONO to avoid mistakes. ADJECTIVE BELLO ‘Bello’ primarily refers to beauty, … Continued

How to use Prepositions To Talk about the Time in Italian

These linguistic tools are essential for pinpointing moments in time, durations, and intervals. Let’s embark on a journey to master the use of prepositions when talking about time in Italian. The exact moment of an action To indicate precisely the … Continued

Understanding Italian Indirect Pronouns

In this post, you’ll learn how to master Italian Indirect Pronouns with simple examples and illustrations to improve your Italian language because understanding Italian Indirect Pronouns is crucial to avoid mistakes. What is a pronoun? The pronoun is a “word” … Continued

How to Master Italian Direct Pronouns

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