Learning a language is challenging. You may learn Italian the natural way with Eaditalian.com – Learning Italian Through stories – without memorising lists of vocabulary or complex grammar rules. If you’re bored of dull textbooks and want to learn English, this is for you.

Easitalian.com will give you a selection of free Italian stories with transcription and audio. Learning Italian through stories has been shown to be highly effective and enjoyable.

It is one of the most efficient methods of improving language skills. These stories help in the “natural acquisition of language.”

According to research, learners who read and listen in Italian improve quicker in all areas of language acquisition than students who do not read.

Learning Italian Through Stories



Learning Italian Through Stories

An Introduction to How to Learn Italian through Stories

This series is designed for Italian language learners who want to study Italian grammar and vocabulary in an enjoyable and natural way. Each story contains Italian grammar or/and vocabulary to help you in improving your Italian.

You can sit back and relax while listening to and reading an Italian story, and be more proactive and use this study strategy to get the most out of the story.

What you will learn

  • You can improve your Italian speaking skills.
  • You can practice your Italian Listening skills.
  • You can learn Italian Grammar.
  • You can learn Italian Vocabulary.

How to Learn English by Stories

– Practice reading every day. You should read different topics to improve your vocabulary.

– Take note of all new words and learn them.

– Check the meaning of new words and read the phrase again in the text to find out the mistake you have faced and deeply understand what you have read.

Learning Italian through stories – L’appartamento

L’appartamento di Francesco – ELEMENTARY LEVEL

Learning Italian through stories – La Valle d’Aosta

La Valle d’Aosta

Learning Italian through stories – I laghi d’Italia

I laghi d’Italia

Learning Italian through stories – Il bar Italiano

Il bar italiano

Learning Italian through stories – La torta della nonna

La torta della nonna