How to use Prepositions with Verbs and Adjectives

In this post, you’ll learn about an important topic about Italian grammar: How to use Prepositions with Verbs and Adjectives. A very useful list for you of verbs with prepositions. It is not necessary to memorize it but it can be useful to check when you are in doubt.

I hope it will be useful for you in learning the Italian language.


preposizione a + infinito How to use Prepositions with Verbs and Adjectives


abituarsi a → to get used to

affrettarsi a → to harry

aiutare a → to help

andare a → to go

cominciare a → to start/to begin

condannare a → to condemn

continuare a → to continue

convincere a → to convince

correre a → to run

costringere a → to comple/to force

decidersi a → to make up one’s mind

divertirsi a → to have a good time

fare meglio a → to be better off

fermarsi a → to stop

imparare a → to learn

incoraggiare a → to encourage

insegnare a → to teach

invitare a → to invite

mandare a → to send

mettersi a → to begin

obbligare a → to oblige/to compel

passare a → to stop by

pensare a → to think about

persuadere a → to persuade

preparare a → to prepare

provare a → to try

rinunciare a → to give up

riprendere a → to resume/to start again

riuscire a → to succeed/to manage

sbrigarsi a → to hurry

servire a → to be good for

tornare a → to return

venire a → to come


preposizione di + infinito How to use Prepositions with Verbs and Adjectives

accettare di → to accept

accorgersi di → to notice

ammettere di → to admit

aspettare di → to wait for

aspettarsi di → to expect

augurare di → to wish

augurarsi di → to hope

avere bisogno di → to need

avere fretta di → to be in a hurry

avere l’impressione di → to have the feeling

avere intenzione di → to intent

avere paura di → to be afraid

avere ragione di → to be right

avere torto di → to be wrong

avere vergogna di → to be asserted

avere voglia di → to feel like

cercare di → to try

cessare di → to stop

chiedere di → to ask (for)

comandare di → to order

confessare di → to confess

consigliare di → to advise

credere di → to believe

decidere di → to decide

dimenticare di → to forget

dire di → to say/to tell

dispiacere di → to be sorry

domandare di → to ask

dubitare di → to doubt

essere in gradi di → to be in a position to

fantasticare di → to imagine

fare a meno di → to do without

fidarsi di → to trust

fingere di → to pretend

finire di → to finish

illudersi di → to delude oneself

immaginare di → to immagine

impedire di → to be prevent

lamentarsi di → to complain about

meravigliarsi di → to be surprised

minacciare di → to threaten

offrire di → to offer

ordinare di → to order

pensare di → to plan

pentirsi di → to repent

permettere di → to permit

pregare di → to beg

preoccuparsi di → to worry

proibire di → to prohibit

promettere di → to promise

proporre di → to propose

rendersi conto di → to realize

ricordare di → to remember

rifiutare di → to refuse

ringraziare di → to thank

sapere di → to know

scegliere di → to choose

sentirsela di → to feel up to

servirsi di → to use

sforzarsi di → to force oneself

smettere di → to stop

sognare di → to dream

sperare di → to hope

stancarsi di → to get tired

suggerire di → to suggest

temere di → to fear

tentare di → to attempt

trattare di  → to address/to be about

non vedere l’ora di → to look forward to

vergognarsi di → to be shy/ to be ashamed about

vietare di → to forbid


preposizioni su + infinito How to use Prepositions with Verbs and Adjectives

contare su → to count on

riflettere su → to ponder on


preposizioni + infinito How to use Prepositions with Verbs and Adjectives

amare → to love

desiderare → to wish

dovere → to have to / must

fare → to do/to make

lasciare → to let / to allow

piacere → to like / to be pleasing

potere → to be able

preferire → to prefer

sapere → to know

sembrare → to seem/to appear

volere → to want

AGGETTIVI + PREPOSIZIONI + VERBO ALL’INFINITO – How to use Prepositions with Verbs and Adjectives


aggettivo + a + verbo infinito

abituato a → accustomed

attento a → careful

disposto a → willing

pronto a → ready

solo a → only

ultimo a → last

unico a → only


aggettivo + preposizione da + verbo infinito

bello da → beautiful

brutto da → ugly

buono da → good

cattivo da → bad

difficile da → difficult

facile da → easy


aggettivo + di + verbo infinito

capace di → capable

contento di → happy

curioso di → curious

desideroso di → eager

felice di → happy

incapace di → incapable

scontento di → unhappy

sicuro di → sure

soddisfatto di → satisfied

spiacente di → sorry

stanco di → tired

triste di →  sad


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