Italian Meals – Words and Phrases for Italian Breakfast






Cornetto semplice/vuoto

Cornetto ripieno

Cornetto ripieno alla marmellata

Cornetto ripieno alla crema

Cornetto ripieno al cioccolato

Cornetto al miele


Granita alla mandorla



Breakfast in Italy is not a huge meal like it is elsewhere.

It usually includes espresso made at home with a stovetop Moka, milk, dunking biscuits or bread, fresh fruit or juice.


Moka Pot – How To Make Coffee On The Stove

(1) Caffellatte and (2) caffè made with the (3) Moka are the more common choices for drinks,

collagecappuccino800 Cappuccino Caffellatte[/caption]


Italians often consume their breakfast out in the thousands of bars where they serve (4) cappuccino and croissant or (5) cornetto.

Both the croissant and the cornetto are breakfast pastries. Normally you can just ask a (6) cornetto semplice (“simple”).

The cornetto semplice is also known as the (7) cornetto vuoto (“empty”), to contrast it with various types of (8) cornetti ripieni (“filled”).

These include (9) cornetto alla crema (with custard), (10) cornetto alla marmellata (with jam, marmalade), (11) cornetto al miele (with honey), and (12) cornetto al cioccolato.


Cornetti are sometimes called (13) brioche in some northern parts of Italy, though in Naples, Sicily and parts of the south the name “brioche” is used for a pastry.

In Sicily, they eat it with a (14) granita alla mandorla (almond granita).


Don’t be scared to attempt a few words in Italian, locals find your accent very charming!

And as long as you engage them in conversation, Italians will always be hospitable and go out of their way to oblige your requests.


May I have…  Posso avere…
…some milk … del latte?
…some sugar … dello zucchero?
…some artificial sweetener …del dolcificante?
…some butter  …del burro?
…some jam?  …della marmellata?


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