TOP 28 Phrases to Express your Love in Italian

Can’t figure out how to express your feelings in Italian?
Here are the TOP 28 Phrases to Express your Love in Italian: love brings up emotions and can inspire us.

TOP 28 Phrases to Express your Love in Italian

He speaks the languages of love
amore, chiamami, chiamami
appelle-moi mon cherie, appelle-moi

This is “Call me” the song from Blondie. Do you remember it?

They call Italian and French “languages of love“.

Learn how to use some phrases in the language of love.

1. Sono innamorato/a di te (I’m in love with you)

2. Sono pazzo/a di te. (I’m crazy for you)

3. Sei l’amore della mia vita. (You are the love of my life)

4. Ti adoro. (I adore you)

5. Mi manchi. (I miss you)

6. Voglio stare con te per sempre.  (I want to stay with you forever)

7. Ho bisogno di te. (I need you)

8. Ti penso sempre (I’m always thinking of you)

9. Mi piaci (I like you)

10. Non posso vivere senza di te (I can’t live without you)

11. Ti penso ogni giorno (I think about you every day)

12. Mi piaci molto (I like you a lot)

13. Sei tutto per me (You are everything to me)

14. Mi sento attratto/ attratta da te (I feel attracted to you)

15. Sei l’uomo / la donna dei miei sogni (You’re the man/woman of my dreams!)

16. Ti voglio un mondo di bene (I want a world of good)

17. Sei nel) mio cuore! (You are in my heart!)

18. Sei la mia vita (You are my life)

19. Non posso fare a meno di pensarti (I can’t think of anything but you)

20.  Sei molto bello/a – attraente – carino/a – intelligente (you are very handsome – beautiful  – attractive – pretty – intelligent)

21. Tesoro mio (My darling)

22. Ti voglio (I want you)

23. Ti desidero (I desire you)

24. Ti voglio baciare (I want to kiss you.)

25. Abbracciami (Hug me)

26. Baciami (Kiss me)

27. Vorrei fare l’amore con te (I’d like to make love with you)

28. Ti amo (I love you)

Enough said this is action time to TOP 28 Phrases to Express your Love in Italian


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