Pasqua in Italy

What is Pasqua in Italy?

Easter, Pasqua in Italian, is one of Italy’s biggest and most important holidays.
In fact, it is the second most important festivity after Christmas.

The holiday symbolizes the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion.

Easter is also a traditional custom and it means also friends, family, and of course food with a big meal enjoyed at home with family while the Pope blesses everybody from his balcony in San Pietro Church.

Each town and village has its own culture and traditions and celebrates in very different ways.
Easter Sunday meals include a big breakfast masterpiece (colazione di Pasqua) representing the rebirth of Christ.
This breakfast may include eggs, omelette, a special kind of salami and different Easter pie.


On Easter lunch, Italians eat pasta, lamb, artichokes, eggs, Easter pie and a sweet holiday bread called Colomba, a dove-shaped cake,


Colomba – The Dove-Shaped Cake

Di N i c o l a – Flickr: La NiColomba Pasquale 🙂 – IMG_0552, CC BY 2.0,


Eggs in Italian Easter dishes symbolize fertility, renewal and life.

The painted hard-boiled egg is also an activity that many children engage in. Some children paint the eggs themselves.

There is also a  lot of also chocolate, particularly in the form of large chocolate eggs that have prizes hidden inside.


Other Easter Days

Good Friday

The thing to know about Good Friday in Italy is that it’s not a public holiday in Italy and it’s a very religious day.

Easter Monday – Pasquetta

Pasquetta (little Easter, also called Easter Monday).
On Pasquetta, families hit the road for a day in the country and a picnic.



More information about Easter Traditions throughout Italy

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