How to use Preposition DI with Adjectives

Some adjectives go with some prepositions. This page gives you some examples of adjective + preposition combinations where you can learn how to use Preposition DI with Adjectives to improve your Italian and avoid mistakes. Sad to say, no rule says which … Continued

How to use Preposition A with Adjectives

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How to use the Italian verbs Prendere and Portare

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How to express From with Different Italian Prepositions

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A Guide to Italian Nouns with Irregular Singular and Plural

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Understanding Italian Word Gender for Fluent Conversations

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How to use the verb PIACERE in the past

The verb “piacere” has undoubtedly come up in your Italian learning. (to like). Using this verb in the past tense is a little challenging because it doesn’t have the same structure as most other verbs. You can easily use “piacere” … Continued

What is the difference between CHI and CHE in Italian?

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How to Easily Remember Italian Verb Conjugations Rules

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