How to use Quando – Poi – Dopo – Prima

Do you make mistakes with words like QUANDO and POI? Do you have problems choosing between DOPO and PRIMA? Are you sometimes unsure about the correct forms of these seemingly easy words? The following post will help you to learn … Continued

How to use Indefinite Adjectives and Indefinite Pronouns in Italian

You need Indefinite adjectives and pronouns to indicate an element of uncertainty to describe the quantity or quality of a noun.

Some are just adjectives or pronouns others are both.

How to use Italian pronominal verb VOLERCI

What exactly is an Italian pronominal verb? It’s the kind of verb that has pronouns and particles added to it that modify its meaning. The particle in this case is ci. Learn more about How to use the Italian pronominal … Continued

How to use Italian Adjectives BELLO & BUONO

Adjectives in Italian are frequently used after nouns. Bello and buono are also used before nouns. In this post, you’ll learn how to use the Italian Adjectives BELLO & BUONO to avoid mistakes. ADJECTIVE BELLO ‘Bello’ primarily refers to beauty, … Continued

Italian Expressions used in everyday life – 2 part

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In this post, we will show you some basic Italian expressions that are commonly used in everyday life in Italy. Because it is culturally appropriate to use certain phrases or words in some situations, Italian expressions enhance every conversation. If … Continued

HOW TO USE Molto Tanto Troppo Poco Tutto Ogni Qualche

Do you make mistakes with the agreement of words like molto and troppo? Do you have problems choosing between tutto and tanto? Are you sometimes unsure about the correct forms of seemingly easy words like tutto, qualche and ogni? On this … Continued