How to Order at the Bar in Italy

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Use the following terms precisely as you see and hear them when ordering your coffee at the bar (caffè), and you will definitely be understood!
When it comes time to order drinks at a bar, knowing barista vocabulary will save you time and guarantee you get a drink that meets your expectations. Learn more in this post, about how to order at the Bar in Italy

Listen and read in Italian

Il bar è il luogo in cui gli italiani possono gustare un cappuccino al mattino, un aperitivo prima di cena, un gelato al pomeriggio e un espresso a qualsiasi ora del giorno.
I bar sono luoghi di ritrovo sociale piuttosto che di consumo di alcolici, anche se gli alcolici ovviamente possono essere consumati. Un bar viene talvolta chiamato “caffè” se offre il servizio al tavolo.

Quando entri in un bar italiano, puoi scegliere se sederti al tavolo, dove paghi un extra per il servizio, visto che un cameriere ti servirà. oppure stare al banco e ordinare un cappuccino con un cornetto o solo un caffè.
Se vuoi stare in piedi, devi prima pagare alla cassa, dove riceverai lo scontrino. Quindi lo consegni al barista e ordini qualcosa dal menu.

The bar is where Italians can enjoy a cappuccino in the morning, an aperitif before supper, ice cream in the afternoon, and espresso at any time of day.

Bars are places of social gathering rather than alcoholic consumption – while alcohol can, of course, be consumed there. Un bar is sometimes referred to as un caffè if it offers table service.

When entering an Italian bar, you can opt to seat at the table, where you pay extra for service since a waiter will serve you, or you can stand at the bar counter and order a cappuccino, cornetto, or just a cafè.
If you want to stand, you must first pay at the cash register, where you will receive your receipt. Then you hand it over to the bartender and order something from the menu.

How to Order at the Bar in Italy

What can you usually order in a bar in Italy?

You can definitely get a coffee, Italy’s most popular drink.

Un caffè:

When you order caffè, you automatically get an espresso

In Italy, there are many different varieties of coffee that you may order at a bar:

Un caffè ristretto: Very strong and concentrated espresso.

Un caffè doppio: Double espresso.

Un caffè lungo: Caffè Espresso with more water to make it less concentrated.

Un caffè corretto: caffè Espresso with a bit of liquor

Un caffè macchiato: Caffè Espresso with a touch of milk.

Un caffè decaffeinato: Decaffeinated coffee.

Un caffè d’orzo: The coffee substitute is made from germinated, dried, and roasted barley. You can have it solid or light.

Un caffè freddo: Iced espresso

Let’s see what else you can order in a bar

BEVERAGES: what you can order as a drink

Un cappuccino: caffè Espresso with frothed milk.

cappuccino How to Order at the Bar in Italy

Un caffellatte: Caffè Espresso with plenty of milk.

caffellatte How to Order at the Bar in Italy

Un latte macchiato: Hot milk with just a touch of caffè.

caffellatte How to Order at the Bar in Italy

Super-size coffee portions don’t exist in Italy, and there is one size for a cappuccino and a caffelatte.

Un tè (tea)

un tè How to Order at the Bar in Italy

Un succo di frutta: (fruit juice)

succo di frutta How to Order at the Bar in Italy

Una spremuta d’arancia: (fresh orange juice)

spremuta d'arancia How to Order at the Bar in Italy

Un’acqua tonica: (tonic water)

acqua tonica How to Order at the Bar in Italy

Una birra: (beer)

birra How to Order at the Bar in Italy

Un’acqua naturale: (still water)

acqua naturale

Un’acqua gassata/frizzante: (sparkling water)

Acqua gassata/frizzante How to Order at the Bar in Italy

You can of course order any soft drink such as coke, orange soda etc.

Food: what you can order to eat

Un cornetto: The “cornetto”, often known as brioche in Northern Italy, is a pastry speciality. It’s a half-moon sweet culinary speciality made of flour, butter, eggs, water, and sugar. This is mainly for “Colazione” together with a “cappuccino”.

cornetto How to Order at the Bar in Italy

Paste e pasticcini: In miniature, but real little cakes: Small, but real delights, beautiful to look at and exquisite on the palate. The irresistible morsels of sweet pastry, filled with cream or any type of cream, from chocolate to Chantilly cream, from custard to coffee, lemon, pistachio and even ice cream, sprinkled with icing sugar or covered with icing.

una pasta

paste How to Order at the Bar in Italy

una pizzetta (a little pizza)

pizzette How to Order at the Bar in Italy

un tramezzino (sandwich) Pair of thin slices of loaf bread, between which various appetizing ingredients are placed


un panino (sandwich) Small loaf of bread, mostly round or oval, filled with cold cuts, cheeses or vegetables.


un gelato (ice cream)


How to order something at the bar

vorrei un panino vorrei una birra

Speaking to the Barman

Mi fa un caffè, per favore?

Vorrei un caffè, per favore.

How to offer something at the bar


Vuoi…? Ti va un caffè?

Prendi / Ti offro un caffe?

Che ne dici di un caffè?

Vuoi qualcosa da bere/mangiare?

Cosa prendi?


Vuole…? Le va un caffè?

Prende/Li offro un caffe?

Che ne dice di un caffè?

Vuole qualcosa da bere/mangiare?

Cosa prende?

How to accept or decline the offer


No, grazie

Mi dispiace, ho già preso un caffè.

Grazie, ma ora non posso.

Grazie, ma non bevo caffè.

Grazie, non mi va.


Sì, grazie.

Sì grazie, volentieri.

Con piacere.

Grazie, prendo un caffè.

Video Dialogue Examples

How to pay in a Bar

quant'è? Quanto pago?

Asking for the bill and paying


Quanto pago?

Quanto Le devo?

Mi porta il conto? (if sitting at the table)

📌 The answer of course refers to how many euros you have to pay

Listen to the dialogue:


Buongiorno, vorrei un cappuccino e un cornetto, per favore.

Ecco a lei!


2 euro e 80 centesimi.


May I have… Posso avere…
…some milk … del latte?
…some sugar… dello zucchero?
…some artificial sweetener…del dolcificante?
…some butter …del burro?
…some jam? …della marmellata?

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