The Italian Language: la bella lingua

It’s recognizable immediately: the gentle cadence of words as melodic as musica, the sexy rolling of R’s, the soothing, sensual lilt of voices that move you as does an opera, una poesia, or a beautiful work of arte. It’s the Italian Language: la bella lingua.

This time you’re going to stick to your promessa to learn Italian.

Do not procrastinate any longer;  la vita is too short to spend wishing you had done something fully within your powers to do.

The time is right, the time is now!

Remember, every great accomplishment starts with an idea.

Imagine the facts about speaking Italian.

What Makes a Language Sexy?

This is related to the fact that each language has its own characteristic phonetic labels.

This gives every language a unique musicality, rhythm, and set of intonations.

When these elements come together, they seem to create a melody; depending on the specific language and our own personal preferences, some of us find this melody to be quite pleasing.

On top of that, these patterns of foreign sounds can also affect our feelings and emotions, due to the biological reactions associated with being exposed to them.

It is common for certain people to feel that foreign languages or accents are downright sexy.

From an international poll by Babbel, we can say that:

  • The French are the Italian language’s biggest fans:
    27.1% of respondents think that the emphasis on the Italian language is irresistible.
  • Follow the admiration of Spaniards (24.9%) and Sweden (24.1%).
  • In fourth place among the admirers of the accent of the beautiful country English speakers with a good 20%.

The French believe that the Italian language sexiest amounted to 44.8%.

Follow surprisingly Swedes 39.7%, and German-speaking countries (26.7%).

Blending the energy of Spanish with the sensuality of French, the Italian accent is undeniably attractive.

The sound of those romantic tones sends hearts racing and minds conjuring up fantasies of life in stylish Rome, idyllic Venice or picturesque Florence.

The Italian language is spoken primarily in Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City and San Marino, but also in other areas of Europe.

The romantic notions associated with the language have turned it into one of the sexiest out there and those who speak with an Italian accent are found to be quite attractive. 

The Italian Language: la bella lingua

You’re never too young — or too old — to learn Italian!

As brain scans have shown, groping for even the simplest words in a different language ignites new clusters of neurons and synapses.

It takes longer as we get older, but learning a second language later in life provides a different advantage:

It helps stave off dementia.

10 Comments found on the Internet about the Italian language:


Lord Byron pondered the Italian language in Beppo

Italian is the most beautiful and romantic language in the world because when you’re speaking it you’re like singing or expressing your real feelings and emotions.

I find Italian beautiful because it’s like a chameleon in the way that it can be played around with to sound so many different ways and fit so many different genres of music and media/pop culture!

This is a beautiful language! Being a native-born English speaker, I rarely have problems with Latin-based languages, and what better Latin-based language than Italian? I mean, Latium, where the language originated, was in ancient Italy. So I thought, why not? Best choice ever. It rolls off the tongue naturally and most English speakers know many Latin root words which helps significantly in the long run. Beautiful.

Everything is so much more fun to say in Italian, no matter what it is. And it’s the true successor to Latin, the Roman language! Awesome!

It’s beautiful, poetic and melodic. it makes me weak in the knees! Best food, best fashion, most beautiful people, best history and most beautiful cities as well!

This is definitely the best language of them all. After having looked at many European languages, only French comes close to Italian. It’s quite regular, sounds beautiful and is highly sophisticated. Like Latin but with an extra layer of prettiness added to it.

Italian sounds like beautiful music and like its food, the best.

Italian is the modern Latin, I like how it sounds so romantic and melodic, definitely, my favourite one behind it is French, Portuguese Spanish and Russian and English too but none is compared with Italian.

It is the language of poetry and music, flowing perfectly and in the most melodic of ways. No wonder our poets are some of the greatest histories has ever seen, and you can just never grow tired of the sound of certain words.

Most beautiful, melodic, poetic language in the world. EVERY sentence, every word every syllable sounds like a song or a rhythm. The Italians have everything the best food, the best fashion, the most beautiful people… only fitting that they have a gorgeous language to go with that!


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