How to Express FROM in Italian

How to use the common English preposition FROM in Italian. This page contains phrases with FROM English prepositions as well as some Italian equivalents. The emphasis is on Italian idioms that differ from the standard English version. Learn here how to Express FROM in Italian

Expressing Place

Maria viene dalla Spagna

Maria comes from Spain

DALLA Spagna/FROM Spain

Her country of origin is Spain 👉 Il suo paese di origine è la Spagna
She has just arrived from Spain 👉 È appena arrivata dalla Spagna

Di dove sei?

Where are you from?

Expressing time: Showing duration

From… to…” are used to say when an activity starts and finishes.

Lavoro dalle 9 alle 17.

I work from 9 am to 5 pm

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More Examples – Expressing place

Carla è dell’Australia/australiana

Carla comes from Australia (i.e. that is her country of origin)

Carla viene dall’Australia

Carla comes from Australia (i.e. she is travelling or has just arrived from there)

Expressions with FROM – Expressing place

Da cima a fondo

From top to bottom

Dall‘inizio alla fine

From beginning to end

Da capo

From the beginning

Dalla testa ai piedi

From head to foot

Expressions with FROM – Expressing time

Dall’alba al tramonto

From dawn to dusk

Dal primo maggio

From May 1st

D’ora in poi

From now on

da oggi in poi

From today on

Di giorno in giorno

From day to day

Di quando in quando

From time to time

Other Expressions with FROM

Di quando in quando

From time to time

Dal mio punto di vista

From my point of view

E’ morto per un virus

He died from a virus

La crema solare protegge la pelle dal sole.

Sun cream protects the skin from the sun.

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